Unitarian Universalists End Modern Slavery

More people are enslaved today than at any time in history, about 30 million worldwide. They are women, men, and children, and they are in every country even though slavery is illegal everywhere. Their stolen labor creates objects we use every day: cell phones, clothes, cars, food.

Slavery exists in communities throughout the US, including the domestic, agricultural, sex and service industries. A building near you probably conceals people who are unpaid and held there by force or the threat of force.

Yet ending slavery forever is within our grasp. UUs have a long history of fighting slavery. Join the abolitionist movement, and together, we can permanently end this violation of human rights in one generation.

Together we can end slavery. Become a UU Abolitionist.

Connect with other UU Abolitionists

Unitarian Universalists are partnering with agricultural laborers, creating study groups about women and human trafficking, meeting with law enforcement, selling slavery-free goods at their congregations and explaining what that means, leading worship that inspires people to join the struggle for freedom . . . We can inspire each other and learn from each other to replicate these actions wherever there are UUs.

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